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As a Board Certified Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master and International Best Selling Author in Abbotsford, I love what I do! It gives me great joy to help others release their limiting beliefs and unwanted emotions so they can truly live happier lives. Through different practices including hypnotherapy, reiki and NLP we can begin to release the deep issues that stand in your way of happiness and love. Contact me today to begin!

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Join Me for a Self-Discovery Journey to A Happy and Healthy Life...

Join Me for a Self-Discovery Journey to A Happy and Healthy Life…

As you know it is my passion to help women to feel happier and healthier. I believe the key to a happier and healthier life is Self-Care and Self-Love. If you are like me, your family is very, very important to you. Women are caregivers and we often care and give more to others than […]

20 Feb 16 admin
Reiki raindrop healing massage

What is a Reiki Raindrop Massage Treatment?

The Raindrop Treatment is more than a gentle, soothing massage. The Raindrop technique combines essential oils with special massage techniques to add greater therapeutic benefits to a relaxation massage. Essential oils are massaged into the feet and the back. Only therapeutic grade, undiluted essential oils are used in this treatment. Each treatment is personalized for […]

15 Oct 15 admin

Why Female Viagra Is Not The Right Solution for Women

When I heard the announcement that the FDA has approved a drug that has been coined the ‘Female Viagra’, my ears perked up. I found myself wondering what this drug could possibly be and what effect was it going to have on the many women who are already suffering from emotional and physical imbalances. What […]

10 Sep 15 admin
Stressed Apple & Orange

Why Stress is Contagious and What You Can Do to Prevent it

Autumn is sneaking upon us and before we know it we will all begin new routines and schedules. Lazy summer days come to an end and we prepare for changes in weather, work and play. And for many, this time of year brings on a sense of overwhelm. Isn’t it interesting that as a new […]

25 Aug 15 admin
Human Chakras

How to Use Chakra Balancing to Relieve Your Stress

I have found that many, if not all, of my clients suffer from stress and this directly affects the energy within their physical bodies. They experience pain, discomfort, or illness and often feel out of control because they are unable to think clearly. With that in mind, I would like to share with you a […]

18 Aug 15 admin
Hormone Imbalances MindMap

The Real Reason Why You’re Overweight, Get Migraines and are in Pain…

Understanding The Emotional Baggage That Triggers Hormone Imbalances Have you heard the expression, “Your issues are in your tissues”? Imagine, instead of blaming NO willpower when you have trouble loosing extra pounds, could instead your excess weight be the result of an emotional hurt from a long, long time ago? Are your physical aches and […]

28 Jul 15 admin
Why Your Childhood Hurts Cause Real Adult Pain

Why Your Childhood Hurts Cause Real Adult Pain

Understanding The Root Cause of Physical Dis-ease or Weight Loss Failures and How Emotional Freedom Will Permanently Overcome Those Challenges Did you know your childhood emotional baggage could very well be the root cause of your physical pain or emotional dis-ease that you’re experiencing today? One indicator might be that you are frustrated with not […]

16 Jul 15 admin
Sprouting text in splants

Growing a Garden of Harmony in YOUR LIFE

As I tend to my garden this morning it seems very clear how all growth, whether it be plant or human, is much the same. I find this all quite fascinating as I reflect on the similarities. Planting new seeds and seedlings, I care and nurture these precious new sprouts as I would a baby. It dawns […]

25 May 15 admin
No Stress

How To Let Go Of Stress

Stress has a huge effect on us physically and emotionally.  Learning how to let go of your stress is a powerful step to self-care. It is well documented that stress can cause physical problems.  You may know someone whose neck or back hurts when they are stressed.  Many people hold stress in their necks and […]

29 Apr 15 admin
Dream Big written in the ocean sand

The Importance of D.O.D: Desire, Optimism & Dream

I am so surprised it is the beginning of another month!  Where has the time gone?  Seems like we were just putting away the Christmas decorations!! I had a weekend of reflecting of the past few months and I realize I’ve been focusing on day-to-day work, family and ‘my life’ stuff. But I have not […]

01 Apr 15 admin

Supporting the Shape Your World Society in Abbotsford

On March 7, 2015, I had the fabulous opportunity to be a part of the Amazing Race in Abbotsford! This event was put on by the non-profit society, Shape Your World Society. It turned out to be a great fun day! All the contestants raced around Abbotsford finding sponsoring businesses, have their picture taken at […]

26 Mar 15 admin
Woman's hand against glass with Help note

How to Release Past Trauma and Emotional Hurts

You know what?  As a clinical hypnotherapist I am totally blown away by the common denominator in many of my clients. Feelings of not living fully, not living authentically and feeling as though they do not have a voice. I hear these statements every day. Last week a 65 year old client came to me […]

10 Mar 15 admin
Hormone stress bomb

The Hormone-Fat ‘Merry-Go-Round’

As a nurse from a traditional background, I found after 40 years of clinical nursing, there were frustrations that brought me to what I call an “inconvenient epiphany”. That was the moment when I realized that I no longer wanted to be a nursing supervisor … something was out of “sync” for me. Have you […]

06 Mar 15 admin
Stress ribbon entangled in woman's hands

The Hidden Ramifications of Stress And What To Do About It

Stress has become an issue for billions of people. Our lives have become very fast paced.  We are connected 24/7. Internet, media, Facebook and other social media platforms, and cellphones have a tight grip on us and some might even feel that grip tightening around our necks! We have pressures from all directions. It is […]

03 Mar 15 admin
Respect My Hormones

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Low Libido… oh those hormones!

I hear so many women complaining of what I have learned to be hormone-related symptoms. It doesn’t really matter where you are; women empathize with each other over these issues every day. The other day at a luncheon the talk turned to these same ‘women’ issue, I’ve overheard similar conversations in elevators and while waiting […]

22 Feb 15 admin

If life is a journey, where are you going?

If life is a journey, where are you going?  I hear people telling me they are stuck, they don’t know what to do.  We have choices, lots of choices and sometimes it is difficult to decide what the next step is.  Sometimes we just decide to take a ‘wait and see attitude’.  This is ok […]

02 Jan 15 admin

Virtual Gastric Bypass, what exactly is it?

Most people who are following traditional diets and programs have limited success.  In the beginning, it seems doable and they may even reach their desired weight, but is this permanent, long term weight loss?  Not usually.  The average person who is dieting will lose 5 pounds this year.  Just 5 pounds!  Not only is yoyo […]

29 Dec 14 admin

Freedom From Fat!!

How many diets have you been on over the past 5 or 10 years?  Were you successful at reaching your ideal weight?  Did you keep that weight off?  Are you actively enjoying your healthy and vibrant life now? Weight loss and diet programs cost billions of dollars every year.  It is really quite shocking what […]

15 Dec 14 admin