Bonnie and Coal

Bonnie and CoalCoal is a 5 year old Boxador, a Boxer & Labrador cross.

His favorite thing is to spend time with his humans.

Quite by accident Bonnie found out that he is a great Therapy dog. She sees her clients for hypnotherapy at her home office and she made a habit of taking Coal to doggie daycare, so he would not be a distraction.

One day it was not possible and she kept him home on the leash. Coal greeted the clients and enjoyed the therapy as much as the client!

When Coal sensed the client needed a ‘hug’ he laid his head on their lap, which gave them the instant good energy they needed.

Since then Coal has been a big part of Bonnie’s business of helping people and her clients look forward to seeing him when they come.

Coal with students at UFVBonnie and Coal joined the St John Ambulance Dog Therapy teams in the fall of 2014. They enjoy visiting Fraser Valley University study days where they meet many students and teachers who take a break from their hard work to relax and enjoy the dogs.

Once a week they go out as a St. John Ambulance Therapy Dog Team, to visit with a lovely client, Ann, who lives in a group home. Ann is recovering from a stroke and enjoys her time with Coal.

During our visits, Ann invites Coal to come close to listen to her read him stories. Ann thoroughly enjoys her time with her new canine friend!

When Coal is not ‘working’ he love to play ball!

For information on how Coal (and Bonnie!) can help you, give us a call!