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Freedom From Fat!!

15 Dec 14
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How many diets have you been on over the past 5 or 10 years?  Were you successful at reaching your ideal weight?  Did you keep that weight off?  Are you actively enjoying your healthy and vibrant life now?

Weight loss and diet programs cost billions of dollars every year.  It is really quite shocking what we will do and how much we will spend with little long term success, if any.  We all know that statistics…the weight loss industry has tripled in recent years, obesity is now considered a disease, and all that excess fat leads to serious health issues that we all want to avoid.  So, we try again and again.  I have been on that roller coaster ride, too!  I can totally relate.  I have been to Weight Watchers, and I’ve bought Jenny Craig, I’ve used shakes, pills and even injected myself every morning and evening with HcG!   The scales have gone down and up and up and down for years and years.   This roller coaster ride has helped my self-esteem and my self-image…become damaged.  This ride has not been fun, exciting or worth repeating again and again.  STOP!  I finally got off!!  It has taken me years and years of self-reflection and study of why and how we get stuck in life.  I finally got to that place in my life where I realize without a doubt that these diets and programs do NOT lead to lasting results.

It isn’t the fact that you binge…it is why you binge.  It isn’t because you are unmotivated to move your body…it is why are you unmotivated.  It isn’t because you enjoy food…it is why do you over indulge,  go for seconds when you know very well your stomach is full.  What pushes your buttons to be so self-destructive?

Have you reached that time in your life that you to truly want to live the life you desire?  Do you want to be active, comfortable and happy in your body?  I hope you are ready to make 2015 your year…the year that you finally get to enjoy  Freedom From Fat!!