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Respect My Hormones

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Low Libido… oh those hormones!

22 Feb 15
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I hear so many women complaining of what I have learned to be hormone-related symptoms. It doesn’t really matter where you are; women empathize with each other over these issues every day.

The other day at a luncheon the talk turned to these same ‘women’ issue, I’ve overheard similar conversations in elevators and while waiting for my granddaughter after school.

I wonder if you have experienced any of these things, or maybe you know someone who has complained to you about them. Night sweats, hot flashes and low libido come to mind right away.

What about weight gain, sore breasts, sleepless nights, fatigue, headaches, migraines, acne, facial hair, moodiness, memory loss or foggy thinking!

The list goes on and on.

I have even found that incontinence can be caused by a hormonal imbalance!

When I was 45 years old my sister, who is 5 years older than I, was complaining of hot flashes and migraines. She related these to ‘the change’, and I realized that I needed to get some facts before I reached 50.

I had already had a long history of weight gain, sore breasts and those same migraines, so I could relate to her pain!

Through my research I found out that it is normal and even necessary for our hormones to fluctuate at different times of our lives, yet all the above symptoms are common, but are not normal.

I spent years and years trying to lose weight.

I tried every diet going, I went to Tops, Weight Watcher, I tried Fit for Life, The Zone, Atkins, Jenny Craig and I even injected myself with HcG! I exercised, I fasted, I walked and practiced yoga.

Nothing had permanent results for me.

For my headaches, my doctors had no answers. We identified that these headaches and migraines were cyclic, but there was no cure. I suffered with migraines for 25 years!

I experiences sore breast and I thought that was normal since other women in my family had complained of this same discomfort.

Eventually through my own research, I did find out how to prepare my body for pre-menopause and to my own surprise, that was the end of the migraines, sore breasts, incontinence, low libido, and I even found it easier to loose excess pounds!

I was so incredibly happy and so was my husband, who claimed, “All women should join the Four H Club: Happy Hormones, happy husbands!”

So, I am a true believer of naturally balancing hormones.

By reducing stress, letting go of unwanted emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, and nourishing our bodies with the best foods possible, you can free yourself of many of these uncomfortable symptoms that may be stopping you from living a full and happy life.

What I have also learned during these years of studying women’s health is that these annoying symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you.

Like I mentioned earlier, many of these symptoms are common, yet they are not normal. I believe we need to stop and listen to our own body’s messages and take the time to do the things necessary to bring balance back into our lives.

These symptoms may be your own body’s warning signs. If you ignore these warning signs, what comes next?

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some insights I have discovered about living a balanced, healthy, comfortable and full life and the undesirable alternative.

Do you experience hot flashes, night sweats and a low libido? Share your experience below and what has worked for you.