Raindrop Massage Reiki Treatments

Feel Physical Relief and Emotional Release with Raindrop Massage Reiki Treatments

My clients would all agree that the Raindrop Treatment is very soothing, relaxing and pleasurable, yet it is also unquestionably an amazing experience for balancing and healing.

Using 10 therapeutic grade essential oils to massage into the reflex points of the feet and the Vita Flex points of the spine, the Raindrop Treatment is far superior to a simple relaxation massage.

The oils chosen help to detoxify and balance the energies throughout the body, the mind and the spirit.

In our busy lives people rarely take time to slow down and this directly effects our bodies and how we handle stress.

Stress and emotional distress effects our bodies at a cellular level, not to mention how stress can effect our families, relationships and work.

My clients report both physical relief and emotional release.

The combination of oils used in this treatment help balance the energy, lift the spirit by reducing stress and calm a troubled and confused mind.

The amygdala, found in the cerebral cortex is affected by scent. It is in the amygdala where all emotions and memories are stored.

For true healing we must release the emotional attachment to past trauma, emotional upset and unhappy memories.

The essential oils used in the Raindrop help my clients to let go of old emotional baggage. I combine the Raindrop with Reiki to offer my clients a powerful yet gentle experience.

Here is what my clients say about their experience with the Raindrop Treatment.

“The raindrop Treatment I received from Bonnie was amazing. I could feel the positive change almost immediately. I will definitely go back again!”
-Terra K

“Receiving the Raindrop treatment from Bonnie was simply amazing. I’ve done two sessions and I will definitely be back because how they left me feeling – light, full of love and acceptance.” Michelle S

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