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Supporting the Shape Your World Society in Abbotsford

26 Mar 15
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Amazing Race participantsOn March 7, 2015, I had the fabulous opportunity to be a part of the Amazing Race in Abbotsford!

This event was put on by the non-profit society, Shape Your World Society.

It turned out to be a great fun day! All the contestants raced around Abbotsford finding sponsoring businesses, have their picture taken at the place of business and answer a question about the business and racing back to High Street Shopping Center.

Each team showed up in their unique costume theme, some more stressed than others at the challenge of the race.

Amazing Race 2015 participantsIt reminded me of watching Amazing Race Canada!

All in all we had a great time here at Stingray Hypnosis, greeting all the contestants and taking part of their photo opps!

Total Makeover Challenge by Shape Your World Society raised an impressive $1325.00 for the Abbotsford Food Bank!

The Amazing Race is a small part of the Total Makeover Challenge. This society is helping to create awareness of health and wellness in the community, Great job, everyone!!