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Why Your Childhood Hurts Cause Real Adult Pain

Why Your Childhood Hurts Cause Real Adult Pain

16 Jul 15
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Understanding The Root Cause of Physical Dis-ease or Weight Loss Failures and How Emotional Freedom Will Permanently Overcome Those Challenges

Did you know your childhood emotional baggage could very well be the root cause of your physical pain or emotional dis-ease that you’re experiencing today?

One indicator might be that you are frustrated with not achieving lasting results to your anxiety, depression or weight issues… which is just one of the many symptoms I see in my clients upon their first visit.

Perhaps your food cravings rule your world?

Or you are unable to enjoy fulfilling and lasting relationships?

Sadly, I find most, if not all of my clients who share these types of struggles suffer silently from emotional hurts, childhood abuse and/or trauma they experienced as a very young child.

Their difficult, emotional experiences have been held in check or shoved down deep where often they have been consciously forgotten.  Consciously forgotten, yet the subconscious mind, the grand storage computer of your mind, never forgets.

The subconscious knows everything about you from the day of conception.  

The subconscious has a very important job.  This is a job of ‘protection’.  It will protect you from similar hurts you have experienced in the past.  That’s its function and it does a superior job of it!

So unless you are able to release these hurts at the deepest level, the subconscious level, you will never be free.

The good news is, once those emotional hurts or traumas have been let go of, new information can be suggested and received by the subconscious mind to encourage and create new patterns so you can finally begin to live the life you dream of.

As an example, we all have friends or relatives or perhaps yourself who struggles with weight loss.  No matter how hard you work at releasing the excess pounds you have little or no long-term success.

This is simply because you are looking at the problem with a sort of tunnel vision. Logically thinking that obviously, less food and more physical movement will bring success… but that’s all WRONG!!  There is so much more to consider when we take a step back outside of that tunnel.

Weight gain and loss is a rather complex issue. 

Most of us can agree there seems to be a missing link to weight loss.  If it was so easy, why do we struggle, why is weight loss a billion dollar industry?

What I have noticed over many years as a recovered person with excess weight frustration and now working with clients struggling with weight issues is in order to release the weight, we need to release the #1 big stressors!

But how can you do this in a world of fast paced everything?  You might consider moving to a remote Caribbean Island…umm…no, 99.5% of those deep hurts will follow you!!

So, how, you may wonder, can you find peace? 

How can you find freedom from those old issues that you have been carrying around for so very long?

How can you possible find freedom from physical pain, discomfort, anxiety, or depression…?

I have come to realize we are a symphony of mind, body and spirit and it is necessary that all these parts of us work together to create beautiful harmony.

Here are three things you can work on to attain emotional freedom and enjoy beautiful harmony in your life:


The tone and rhythm is a vital part of any orchestra.  When it comes to our well-being, our ability to enjoy the beautiful ‘flow’ of life is crucial.  When we no longer carry heavy emotional baggage we are able to move through life with ease, we are able to avoid the extreme highs and lows of emotional dis-ease or distress.

When we are free of emotional distress we can create the life we truly dream of and we understand that we are worthy of this beautiful life.

A very effective way to accomplish this is through hypnosis. Hypnosis is a form of trance or, if you will, a meditation where you can release your emotional baggage that has been standing in your way of personal freedom.

Hypnosis is a positive solution to allow freedom from weight issues, addictions, anxiety, and depression and in many cases, physical and emotional discomforts and dis-ease.


Of course, we must care for and nourish our bodies well, similar to caring for an instrument in the orchestra.  I believe we should choose the best foods and beverages that we can afford.

I choose GOD made foods as much as possible.  Sleep is just as important as nourishing your body and exercising.  Adults required about 8 hours of sleep each night.  How much needed sleep are you getting?

Finally, good communication with your medical professional is also important for longevity.


I believe to reach beautiful harmony; we must realize we are but a small part of the whole symphony.  We all have a very important role in life and our world, yet alone we lack the true range of tones, energy and rhythm.

The harmony is our spiritual side, our connection not only to all parts of ourselves, also connection to our community, our friends and family as well and realizing we have an opportunity to tap into an even greater force and energy, God, if you will, that you can lean on and ask to help you in times of difficulty.

So there you have it – these three action items will get you where you want to be in life: clearing out the old emotional traumas of your past, start better healthy eating habits, and make a spiritual connection with the world you live in.

If you would like to learn more about achieving emotional freedom in your life, please contact me to schedule a free telephone consult to discuss how I can help.