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No Stress

How To Let Go Of Stress

29 Apr 15
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Stress has a huge effect on us physically and emotionally.  Learning how to let go of your stress is a powerful step to self-care.

It is well documented that stress can cause physical problems.  You may know someone whose neck or back hurts when they are stressed.  Many people hold stress in their necks and shoulders, they tense up and do not even realize it until the pain or discomfort begins.

This is common; some people get headaches, some get tired and irritable, while others turn to addictions such as drugs, alcohol or food.

We all have our own ways to deal with our stress.  Some people think they have more stress than others and maybe they do, yet there are those other people who keep going and seem to handle stress in their stride.

What are they doing differently?  How do they deal with their stress?

The people who consciously learn how to relax have an easier time with stress.

There are things we can do that can make a huge difference on how we deal with our busy and stressful lives.  Here are four main areas to be aware of:

  1. Breathe. Learning how to breathe is a good starting point.
  2. Be Present. Practicing the art of being present is another powerful technique that is vital to maintaining a clear and calm demeanour.
  3. Get Active. Adding physical movement into your daily routine is very important
  4. Eat Well. Nourishing your body with good wholesome foods goes a long way to alleviating stress.

Most of us realize that the above points are important and some of us make a point of including each in our day to day lives.

Did you know that old emotional hurts can also be causing you pain, discomfort and illness? 

Things that happened years ago can be stopping you today from living a happy and healthy life.

As a hypnotherapist I see this in my clients every single day.  We all carry emotional baggage.  Old issues that we have not completely processed often are the underlying cause of our dis-‘ease’, which can manifest in our physical bodies.

There is a mind-body connection to healing and balance.  When we let go of old emotional hurts and limiting beliefs we can prepare the mind to work with the body to create balance.

When helping women to balance hormones I find taking the mind-body approach is very beneficial.  By letting go of the unwanted emotions, the mind and the body can work in unison to bring hormone balance and healing.

Women are inherent caregivers and will often give and give until they cannot give anymore.  It is important for all women to recognize that we must take care of ourselves to be able to give to others.

Self-care includes addressing the emotional baggage.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique to release unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving us.

Bruce Lipton explains this mind-body connection very well in his book, “The Biology of Belief”.  We have great capabilities within our own minds and bodies to bring balance and help in the healing processes.

We all have heard of people who have recovered when all odds were not in their favour.  They believed and had faith in their own recovery.   Hypnosis is a very effective way to give positive suggestions for balance and healing.

In the afternoon of our Hormone Balancing Workshop you will learn how to use self-hypnosis to relax.  You will participate in a guided meditation to begin the healing process and take home audio recordings for deep relaxation to re-enforce all that was learned and to begin your day with chakra balancing and positive intention.

If you want to hear more about how hypnotherapy can reduce your stress, contact me for a no-cost consultation.