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Join Me for a Self-Discovery Journey to A Happy and Healthy Life...

Join Me for a Self-Discovery Journey to A Happy and Healthy Life…

20 Feb 16
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As you know it is my passion to help women to feel happier and healthier. I believe the key to a happier and healthier life is Self-Care and Self-Love.

If you are like me, your family is very, very important to you. Women are caregivers and we often care and give more to others than we care for ourselves.  I know you can relate to this. Most women can. 

Many of us actually lose ourselves in caring for others with our lives being so busy and there is so much to do. I hear this every day. 

Women often experience overwhelm before they realize it is crucial to their health and their happiness that they care for themselves. Overwhelm can show up as despair, anxiety, depression, or it can manifest as aches and pains, discomfort, imbalances, and dis-ease in our physical bodies and our emotional beings. 

Some women experience mood swings, weight loss or gain, irritable bowel syndrome, while others simply feel unwell or worry about their own health.  

I want to let you know all of these feeling and symptoms are common, but not normal.  

If you are experiencing any of these things or if your gut is telling you to find a new way to deal with your busy life, then please accept this invitation to join me and other like-minded women to a full-day workshop I’m holding on March 5th.  

In a hurry? Click here

My friend Susan Krautter and I have created a wonderful day just for you. It will be filled with us sharing invaluable information you can take home so you can begin to care for yourself like you may not have ever done before.

Susan is an RN who has been helping women for decades, all over the globe, to feel happier and healthier by balancing hormones naturally. Susan’s energy and positive approach to wellness is like a breath of fresh air. 

With the practical and easy steps Susan shares at this workshop you will have the tools to begin to take charge of your own health. She will help you determine if you have a hormone imbalance and what is the next step for you. Either way, you will understand what is necessary for good hormone health and why it is important to your future health and happiness.

So, with a cup of tea or coffee you will enjoy a morning of self-discover with Susan. 

At noon we will take a break and enjoy a light lunch of soup and salad. This will be a perfect time to chat and get to know each other.

After lunch I will take you on a journey to discover how stress can affect your health and happiness. I am a therapist who helps women to let go of old emotional hurts and limiting beliefs so they can live the life they dream of. 

Did you know that stress can cause imbalances in your physical self?  Emotional hurts effect our cells.  By letting go of old emotional pain you can change your cellular memories and heal from the inside out. 

I will teach you specific breathing techniques you can practice at home to help you in stressful moments and when you are taking quality time for yourself. We will discuss the importance of self-love, chakra balancing and relaxation. 

After our discussion, I will invite you to enjoy a group guided relaxation and chakra hormone balancing session.

This full-day workshop promises to deliver a ton of valuable information you can use to help reclaim your health from a body, mind and spiritual perspective.

You will also take home with you:

  • A Writing Journal
  • A relaxation audio recording CD
  • Blissful Bath Salts & Joy Body Spritz
  • Discount Coupon for $50.00 off The Raindrop/Reiki Treatment

I hope you will join us for this special day of self-discovery.  

It is our desire to give you the best experience possible, so we have limited our participant enrollment to 12 beautiful women. I invite you to book your seat today and please share this invitation to your friends or anyone you believe would benefit. 

Click here to register

I look forward to seeing you soon. 


P.S. I hear women of all ages tell me they don’t have to be concerned about hormone health. I find this an interesting statement.  Women at all ages and stages need hormones. 

Balanced hormones are crucial for fertility, pregnancy, and menopause as well as for healthy breasts, healthy bones, and strong vascular health.  Balanced hormones are even important for emotion health, happy relationships and sexual satisfaction. 

These are just a few things that pop into my head.  We all know women who have experienced the above health challenges.  I was surprised when I was finding out all about ‘The Change’ as my older sister was beginning to experience hot flashes and night sweats.  As I researched, I found out that I also had symptoms that indicated I was experiencing some hormone imbalances.  I’m so happy that I was able to resolve those imbalances before I began hot flashing.  

Did you know imbalances may take a long time to manifest into a symptom that needs to be urgently addressed?  What you are doing today is setting the stage for your health 10 years from now.

So come join us for this important workshop to find out what you need to know about your hormones and dealing with stress.

Stressed Apple & Orange

Why Stress is Contagious and What You Can Do to Prevent it

25 Aug 15
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Autumn is sneaking upon us and before we know it we will all begin new routines and schedules. Lazy summer days come to an end and we prepare for changes in weather, work and play.

And for many, this time of year brings on a sense of overwhelm.

Isn’t it interesting that as a new school year begins, we all seem to get into the spirit of starting new projects and classes or we begin to consider plans for the Fall and the Winter?

For many women all this excitement creates a lot of stress and feelings of overwhelm, anxiety and no “ME TIME”.

When I am out in the community speaking with women about creating time for themselves they agree they often put their own needs for self-care at the bottom of their priority list.

Self-abnegation: the act of putting the needs of others before your own needs.

So many women totally get this and agree it is super hard to create ‘me time’.

What happens if we ignore our need for ‘me time’?

What happens when we don’t take care of us?

Can YOU put off your own self-care for another month?  How about another year or possibly a decade?

Maybe you feel the time isn’t now… you need to wait until the kids are older, or possibly when you retire, or possibly something will  happen so you can stop and take time to breathe deeply.

I want to let you know that THIS is the ‘perfect’ time for you.

It is time to create a practice of self-care.

The perfect time for self-care is NOW!

And, what if you don’t take time for you now?

You will experience frustration and overwhelm, and you will not be living in the life you desire and deserve.

These feeling of frustration begin to affect you physically, mentally and emotionally.

Those feelings of frustration begin to affect how you interact with other people.  Your sense of overwhelm affects your relationships with those closest to you and your relationship with yourself.

Do you think your family and friends will see your smile and not notice you are in a funk or maybe even angry beneath your attempt to hide it?  Those around you can ‘feel’ your unrest.

Stress is contagious!

Think to a time when you have been with someone who is angry or upset.  You can sense it, can’t you?

Emotions are energy is motion. 

We can feel other peoples’ angst and they can feel yours.

We are especially open to ‘catch’ stress from those whom we are closest to.  You feel stress when your children or your spouse are stressed and they ‘feel’ stress from you, as well.

This all reminds me of a couple of excellent commercials on TV.  One commercial is about a child who senses her mothers’ depression and sits about appearing to be concerned and sad.

The message is how depression affects those around you.

The other commercial shows a young girl daydreaming about her parents’ argument at home, as if it was happening now, yet she is at school trying to focus on the teacher.

Both of these commercials clearly show how stress can affect those around us

When we are feeling stress our adrenal glands help us deal with the situation causing the stress by producing cortisol.  This is our bodies’ way of helping us respond with our automatic responses of fight or flight.

It is perfect when we are dealing with an emergency situation or when we are in danger.

Our ability to respond instantly to danger was crucial when humans were running from tigers, but today our stress is not usually life threatening.

Our stress is a daily occurrence.

Many people find themselves in chronic stress and they have an overdose of cortisol running through their bodies.  This excess cortisol can have negative effects on our bodies.

The healthy answer is to find a balance between activity and rest.

Self-care begins by recognizing your stress levels and making a decision to find ways to reduce and manage stress.

Share your feelings with those close to you.  Ask for help and allow your family and friends to help you.  Asking and accepting support from others is also allowing those people the wonderful gift of giving to you.

Creating a self-care routine and sticking with it is super important to help you let go of stress, frustration and overwhelm.

Join a yoga class, learn and practice meditation, mindfulness or self-hypnosis.

Find activities that bring you inner peace and joy.

Begin a gratitude journal and use it daily.  Make a list of all the things you are grateful for and add to this list every day.  Review this list when you are feeling overwhelmed or anxious.

I help my clients to let go of old emotional hurts and traumas that are adding to their stress.  Is it time to let go of old unprocessed issues that are no longer serving you?

Letting go of outdated issues and emotional unrest is a positive step in self-care.  You deserve to live the life you desire.  Call me today if you want to discuss the steps I take my clients through to release those issues that no longer are serving them.

Share this article with anyone you know who is experiencing overwhelm, frustration or anxiety.  Take care and have a stress-free day!

Human Chakras

How to Use Chakra Balancing to Relieve Your Stress

18 Aug 15
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I have found that many, if not all, of my clients suffer from stress and this directly affects the energy within their physical bodies. They experience pain, discomfort, or illness and often feel out of control because they are unable to think clearly.

With that in mind, I would like to share with you a technique I have found very helpful to balance your internal energies.

We live in a world of chronic stress.

There is little down time, we are connected 24/7, and many of us are feeling stuck, overwhelmed and anxious. You may be experiencing this, or know someone who is.

Many of my clients can totally relate. They feel like they are on a hamster wheel and have no idea how to get off or even how to slow down.

I see this every day in my office – people are looking for ways to slow down and enjoy life.

To help them through their stress, I teach my clients how to gain control by letting go of old emotional hurts, pains or trauma. I teach them how to quickly get into a calm, present moment state of mind and how to meditate using self-hypnosis.

We discuss gratitude and setting positive intentions to begin to take back personal control over their life experience.

One very powerful technique I teach them to use daily is Chakra Balancing.

You may have heard of Chi or Universal Life Force. This is taught in Eastern medicine and philosophy. This chi or energy flows through all living things. It flows through our bodies.  We cannot see it, but we know it is there, it flows through and around us.

When we are stressed our energy flow can be affected.

You may experience shoulder or neck tension when you are stressed. You might know someone who gets stress headaches or can’t think when they are stressed.

The first thing I do is check my client’s chakras or chi as we begin to work together. 9 times out of 10 their energies are not flowing easily.

I take time right then to help them to open up the energy flow as we begin our work together. When we open our chakras and allow the energies to flow we feel grounded, emotionally stronger and happier.

You can use this Chakra Balancing technique anywhere, anytime.

The more you practice the easier it will become and you will begin to notice positive results.

Here’s how to perform chakra balancing for yourself:

It is helpful to begin this technique in a quiet setting where you can concentrate and visualize.

Begin by taking 3 nice big belly breaths. Close your eyes and imagine the energy within your body. This energy moves through your body and connects you with the earth.

Imagine you have an energy cord traveling all the way down your body. It moves like a laser beam, down your back, down through your legs and leaves your body through your feet. Your energy laser beam moves easily and effortlessly through the floor, through the foundation of your home and into the earth below.

Imagine it continuing down through the many layers of the earth. Your energy cord travels down through the soil, the sand, the clay, down through the rock and water, travelling deep, deep into the earth and spreading out in many directions like a root of a very tall tree.

Imagine just as a tall tree would gather vital nutrients for its health, your energy cord gathers vital energy necessary for your health and well-being. Imagine this energy travelling up, through the layers of the earth and foundation of your home and up through the floor.

Imagine this energy beginning to enter your feet. As it enters your feet it is a beautiful red color and brings a sense of strength, courage, and being grounded. This red energy moves up into your legs and into your reproductive area.

As your energy continues to move upward to the sacral area, that is the space below the navel, it becomes a beautiful orange color. As it moves through this area, touching all the muscles, nerves, cells, tissue and organs it brings a sense of safety, security and sturdiness.

As your energy continues to move upward to the midriff or solar plex area it becomes a bright beautiful yellow. This yellow energy moves through this area touching all organs, muscles, nerves, cells and tissue bringing a sense of contentment and happiness.

Now, notice this energy changing to an emerald green as it moves upward to your heart and lungs. This green energy connects you with healing love, self-love, as it moves through the front, back, up to your shoulders and down your arms into your hands.

This beautiful healing love energy continues to move upward and as it reaches your neck and throat, it becomes an aqua blue. Moving through this area, into your chin, mouth, nose, cheeks, sinus, and ears it brings clarity for communication. This is clarity to speak your truth from your authentic self and to really listen and possibly gain a different perspective.

As this energy moves into the eyes it becomes a beautiful violet. This violet energy moves into your forehead, top of your head, back of your head and all parts of your brain. The violet energy opens you up to all ideas, intuition, inspiration, inner knowing and inner guidance.

Allow all these energies to move to the crown of your head and imagine a golden opening. All the energies move out the crown opening and create a protective bubble around your body.  All the energies continue to move easily and effortlessly up and down and around your body.

If you have time to enjoy the quietness you have created that is perfect. Take a moment to notice how good you feel. Practice this technique daily. The more you practice the easier it will be for you to maintain energy balance.

Have you heard of chakra balancing before or do you do this already on a regular basis? Share in the comments section below your experience with it. And if you would like me to help you further with your stress, contact me for a chat about how I can help.

No Stress

How To Let Go Of Stress

29 Apr 15
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Stress has a huge effect on us physically and emotionally.  Learning how to let go of your stress is a powerful step to self-care.

It is well documented that stress can cause physical problems.  You may know someone whose neck or back hurts when they are stressed.  Many people hold stress in their necks and shoulders, they tense up and do not even realize it until the pain or discomfort begins.

This is common; some people get headaches, some get tired and irritable, while others turn to addictions such as drugs, alcohol or food.

We all have our own ways to deal with our stress.  Some people think they have more stress than others and maybe they do, yet there are those other people who keep going and seem to handle stress in their stride.

What are they doing differently?  How do they deal with their stress?

The people who consciously learn how to relax have an easier time with stress.

There are things we can do that can make a huge difference on how we deal with our busy and stressful lives.  Here are four main areas to be aware of:

  1. Breathe. Learning how to breathe is a good starting point.
  2. Be Present. Practicing the art of being present is another powerful technique that is vital to maintaining a clear and calm demeanour.
  3. Get Active. Adding physical movement into your daily routine is very important
  4. Eat Well. Nourishing your body with good wholesome foods goes a long way to alleviating stress.

Most of us realize that the above points are important and some of us make a point of including each in our day to day lives.

Did you know that old emotional hurts can also be causing you pain, discomfort and illness? 

Things that happened years ago can be stopping you today from living a happy and healthy life.

As a hypnotherapist I see this in my clients every single day.  We all carry emotional baggage.  Old issues that we have not completely processed often are the underlying cause of our dis-‘ease’, which can manifest in our physical bodies.

There is a mind-body connection to healing and balance.  When we let go of old emotional hurts and limiting beliefs we can prepare the mind to work with the body to create balance.

When helping women to balance hormones I find taking the mind-body approach is very beneficial.  By letting go of the unwanted emotions, the mind and the body can work in unison to bring hormone balance and healing.

Women are inherent caregivers and will often give and give until they cannot give anymore.  It is important for all women to recognize that we must take care of ourselves to be able to give to others.

Self-care includes addressing the emotional baggage.

Hypnosis is a powerful technique to release unwanted emotions and limiting beliefs that are no longer serving us.

Bruce Lipton explains this mind-body connection very well in his book, “The Biology of Belief”.  We have great capabilities within our own minds and bodies to bring balance and help in the healing processes.

We all have heard of people who have recovered when all odds were not in their favour.  They believed and had faith in their own recovery.   Hypnosis is a very effective way to give positive suggestions for balance and healing.

In the afternoon of our Hormone Balancing Workshop you will learn how to use self-hypnosis to relax.  You will participate in a guided meditation to begin the healing process and take home audio recordings for deep relaxation to re-enforce all that was learned and to begin your day with chakra balancing and positive intention.

If you want to hear more about how hypnotherapy can reduce your stress, contact me for a no-cost consultation.

Woman's hand against glass with Help note

How to Release Past Trauma and Emotional Hurts

10 Mar 15
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You know what?  As a clinical hypnotherapist I am totally blown away by the common denominator in many of my clients.

Feelings of not living fully, not living authentically and feeling as though they do not have a voice.

I hear these statements every day.

Last week a 65 year old client came to me seeking to let go of childhood trauma.

This woman has been afraid her whole life. 

It is her greatest desire to finally have the courage to travel, have FUN and enjoy her life!

Another woman I’m working with is seeking peace so she can sleep.  She has never been able to sleep comfortably or soundly.

When she was just 2 years old someone rolled over onto her while she slept.  She woke up terrified and this has stayed with her all these years.

She made a decision way back then  – it is not safe to sleep!

This is powerful!

We were able to resolve this traumatic event for her through hypnotherapy and today she is thrilled, she is able to drift into a deep and restful sleep without taking drugs to knock her out!

Many of these women have experienced childhood abuse, leaving them with untreated PTSD,  Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

PTSD has many origins and degrees. Untreated and unrecognized these emotional traumas often have significant effects years later.

What I notice in my office is that many of these women are experiencing symptoms of hormone imbalances.  They may have hot flashes, sore breasts, incontinence, anxiety, fibromyalgia, arthritis, even cancer.

I see this pattern over and over; I should not be surprised.

Actually, I’m not so much surprised, I’m shocked at how many adults suffer silently in the memories of trauma.  They didn’t have a voice when these events occurred and they have long ago stored those memories, yet the emotional attachment to these events are affecting them to this day or until they are able to let them go.

Hypnosis is a powerful tool which allows my clients to release the emotional attachment to the tragedy so they can live happier and freer lives.

I have noticed often these unprocessed feeling are put aside and minimized.  I have heard clients try to smooth over their emotional hurts by saying things like, “They didn’t mean to hurt me, they didn’t know I was scared, other people have experienced so much more…”

I explain to my clients that when they arrived here as beautiful, perfect infants they began to learn about life and their world.  Who were their teachers?  Mom and Dad, grandparents, aunts, uncles, and siblings and all the other people in their small world were their teachers.

From infancy to the age of six, I explain, they were in a waking trance.   They were like little sponges, taking it all in.  The analytic, logical conscious mind was not even developed, so what they heard and saw they took as truth.

They were perceiving life through innocent eyes. 

If they heard, “You are bad!”, or “You are stupid!”, they believe exactly that.

As a little person, all this information was stored to be used later in life.  This is how and when we begin to develop our belief system.

Imagine what happens when abuse or trauma plays a part in our young lives.

It would easily break my heart to hear such travesties, but I know if they are sitting in my office I have a great opportunity to help them let go of these emotional hurts for the first time in their lives.

Many of my clients are 40, 50, and even 60 years old and they deeply desire freedom.

Emotional freedom! 

I can’t tell you how rewarding it is for me to see my clients’ blossom and to finally take charge of the direction of their lives.  There is no greater joy than to guide another person to find their own personal freedom and happiness.

Call me today if you are looking for your gateway to freedom!

Hormone stress bomb

The Hormone-Fat ‘Merry-Go-Round’

06 Mar 15
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As a nurse from a traditional background, I found after 40 years of clinical nursing, there were frustrations that brought me to what I call an “inconvenient epiphany”.

That was the moment when I realized that I no longer wanted to be a nursing supervisor … something was out of “sync” for me.

Have you ever felt that nagging doubt about what you at one time felt was your life’s work?

I call it inconvenient because if you follow your feelings, you end up knee-deep in change. And change is scary!

I hung out my shingle as a holistic nurse/counsellor and in through my office doors streamed women of all ages looking for solutions. They had been referred to me because after all diagnostics were completed, nothing abnormal was detected and their symptoms were still unresolved.

Now they were being offered anti-depressants and referrals to psychiatry. They knew instinctively that something must be wrong and did not know where to turn.

Of course they were depressed! Who wouldn’t be!

Over time, there was a cluster of symptoms and a pattern emerged in the histories of my clients. The link to hormones was unmistakable and often too the overgrowth of yeast (candida) was also present.

We spent the first month normalizing bowel function and in month two added a parasite cleanse. Parasites can cause many of the same symptoms as hormone balance and yeast overgrowth.If by the end of 3 months the symptoms of candida did not disappear, we would treat that too.

All through this process, I ‘held the hand’ of my clients as they made the necessary changes to life-style and nutrition. Their patience and persistence and courage resulted in the resolution of the symptoms that for many had made their lives a misery.

They had taken control. My dedication since then is to assist not only women of all ages but also men … to take matters into their  own hands in a self-directed health program.

Have you ever wondered why you can’t lose weight, in spite of all your best efforts? There is a cycle of events that will be of interest to you.

Regular readers will know what I mean by estrogen dominance and progesterone deficiency. For many reasons, men, women and children living in our culture experience this type of hormone imbalance and there are many safe ways to correct this.

When hormones are out of balance, watch what happens:


The Hormone/Fat Merry-Go-Round

  1. Excess estrogen causes us to store fat.
  2. Fat cells make more estrogen.
  3. Eating habits and stress create an acidic cellular environment
  4. To neutralize the cellular habitat, the body stores excess acid in the fat cells.
  5. The fat cells are then desirable for the body to keep as a repository for the acid.
  6. The body will not release the fat cells. (In spite of ALL YOU DO!)
  7. The fat cells continue to produce more estrogen.
  8. Excess estrogen then makes more fat cells.

Round and round you go! And Rounder and Rounder you get!!!!!

How do you break this cycle? Regular weight-loss programs are not the answer unless you also create the conditions for the body to agree to release the unwanted fat.

Consider weight management through natural hormone balancing and hormone health


Bio-identical Hormones (progesterone and estrogen) are derived from wild yam and soy and are altered only enough to make them molecularly the same as hormones the body produces. They are used in physiologic doses, the same amounts as the body would make under healthy conditions.

Over the last two years, there has been increasing news about the dangers of synthetic hormones, the kind found in HRT and the birth control pill. Although we know what is dangerous, many do not know the healthy alternative.

In the 1970’s, Dr. John Lee began recommending bio-identical progesterone for osteoporosis prevention. To his satisfaction and the delight of his patients, not only did bone mineral density improve but also they found that many other bothersome symptoms were also eliminated.

Among these were the resolution of hot flashes, migraines, vaginal dryness, obesity and unwanted facial hair. Libido was restored and weight normalized. Dr. Lee also recommended healthy lifestyle and the judicious use of vitamin and mineral supplements.

Progesterone is the balancing hormone for estrogen, the levels of which are in excess in the great majority of girls and women in industrialized cultures. According to Dr. Lee, only 10% of menopausal women need to add bio-identical estrogen. Most women need additional progesterone at some time in their life.

The first step is to take a saliva test, available from Trillium Wellness Consultants. This simple test shows the ratio of progesterone to estrogen. Hormone usage varies according to a woman’s age and stage. Women after the age of 40 and men after 50 benefit by using bio-identical progesterone. Younger women use progesterone short-term until they restore ovulation and their ovaries again make adequate progesterone.

Women often ask me why adding progesterone has not worked for them. I ask them, “Did you take measures to lower estrogen?”

The reality is that you can’t take enough progesterone to balance excess estrogen.

Hormone supplementation is not a quick fix and for lasting effect must be combined with healthy diet; vitamin supplements; avoidance of refined carbs, plastics, petrochemicals and packaged foods; plenty of filtered water; daily bowel elimination. (If you don’t eliminate excess estrogen, it will be reabsorbed from the intestine and recycled again and again!); exercise; sleep; stress reduction.

Hot flashes are often the reason women seek help.

“If excess estrogen is so bad, why do I get relief from hot flashes when I take HRT?” A hot flash is caused by wild fluctuation in estrogen. Think of a jagged line going up and down on a graph. If you add more estrogen and sock up the levels so they can’t fluctuate, you will stop hot flashes and at the same time increase your risk for cancer, cardiac events and many unwanted side effects.

Wouldn’t it be better to avoid the fluctuations by bringing down and modulating estrogen? Consider a self-directed hormone balancing program in partnership with your doctor. You will never look back!

A rise of estrogen at puberty is responsible for the development and maintenance of female sex organs and secondary sexual characteristics. Estrogens stimulate cell growth. They create the thickened lining of the uterus to prepare it for pregnancy.

They stimulate the maturation of the egg-containing part of the ovary. Estrogen exists in both males and females. It is produced by the ovaries, the adrenals and by adipose (fat) cells. One other hormone playing a part in human reproduction is progesterone.

Many of the symptoms women experience are related to hormone imbalance. Hormones are like messengers. They circulate in the body and fit into hormone receptor sites, just as certain keys fit into certain locks. Substances that are “estrogenic” can imitate estrogen and fit into estrogen receptor sites. This has effects we will talk about later in the series.

Coordinated functioning of hormones is like a symphony orchestra. All the instruments need to play together in harmony. For example, if the estrogen is too “loud”, the progesterone cannot be “heard”. It is the estrogen’s tendency to promote cell growth that makes its excess a promoter of cancer. This is one reason among many to do everything we can to create hormone balance.

In North America, we are exposed to hormones from a variety of sources. We get extra hormones from eating meat and poultry (injected with hormones to stimulate growth), from plastic containers that emit estrogenic substances into the food/liquid they contain, and from petrochemical by-products and pollutants which are estrogenic. This affects both men (prostate cancer) and women and causes our little girls to start menstruating at a progressively younger age.

Women’s Estrogen Dominance Quiz: Have you ever had (past or present): breast swelling/tenderness, fibro cysts, cancer, endometriosis, endometrial cancer/hyperplasia, PMS, migraines/headaches, osteoporosis, weight gain (abdomen, hips), water retention, gallbladder symptoms, menopausal symptoms, insomnia, inability to concentrate, cyclic acne, fibromyalgia, depression or fatigue?

If you have checked some of the above, there is a strong possibility that your body is not making enough progesterone to balance the amount of estrogen.

This means you may be estrogen dominant, a condition that can contribute too many health problems. I suggest that you investigate this further by consulting with your health care practitioner.

Yours truly,


Susan Krautter, RN, BScN, Holistic Nurse
Trillium Wellness Consultants

Stress ribbon entangled in woman's hands

The Hidden Ramifications of Stress And What To Do About It

03 Mar 15
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Stress has become an issue for billions of people.

Our lives have become very fast paced.  We are connected 24/7.

Internet, media, Facebook and other social media platforms, and cellphones have a tight grip on us and some might even feel that grip tightening around our necks!

We have pressures from all directions.

It is no longer just important to have food, shelter and love.  We believe we must have more, do more and be more.  There seems to be little balance between work and play.

Most families depend on two incomes to financially meet their needs.  Adults become burdened with life’s pressures and often experience overwhelm and stress.  Our busy lifestyle has even affected the children; education, sports, and extra-curricular activities allow little time to wind down.

It is difficult to find the person who is not stressed!

He or she would stand out and might even be criticized for being selfish because they prioritize ‘down time’.  The relaxed person knows it is important to step back and let go.

I’m sure there are many people like this, but there are far more who can relate to dreaming of getting off their ‘roller coaster life’ or escaping completely-if even just for a day or a few hours.

Sound familiar?  Maybe you completely understand what I’m talking about.

No downtime, no time to relax, no time to regroup or catch your breath!

I’ve been there, and maybe you also have experienced the desire of needing to find a way to create ‘you’ time.

Many of us spend our days juggling our many ‘hats’.  We have jobs, careers, homes, significant others, older parents, children and grandchildren.  We tend to be dog walkers, house keepers, cooks and chauffeurs.

Often we can look at our week and realize we have not even stopped once to tend to our own needs.

Many women experience frustration, guilt and anger, which can lead to depression and anxiety due to continuous stress.

I hear women tell me every day of how their stress is affecting them:  fatigue, sleepless nights, panic attacks, addictions of food or drugs, as well as imbalances in their physical bodies that may lead to pain, illness and dis-ease.

Unfortunately, we don’t always recognize this mind-body connection when dealing with weight issues, hormone imbalances, arthritis, lupis, IBS, diabetes, or even cancer, just to name a few.

Stress can affect all of the above issues.

Learning techniques to manage your stress is a huge step to creating balance in your life.  Learning ways to be mindful and to let go of old emotional hurts or limiting beliefs is a positive approach to living a happier and healthier life.

What can you do to begin to de-stress?

Here is a quick and easy exercise I teach all my clients.

Next time you find yourself needing to relax, try focusing on your breath.  Bring your attention to your breath and as you focus on your inhale and exhale, say the words “in” and “out” to yourself.

By simply noticing the rise and fall of your chest or abdomen, as you breathe, you allow your mind and body to begin to let go.

Practice this breathing technique for 3-5 minutes.

This exercise can be used practically anywhere. You can use it while you are driving, walking or even as you are standing in line at the store.

This is a perfect exercise to use before you go into a meeting, make an important phone call, or any situation that you want to be calm and collected.

You will probably notice that as you practice it will become easier and easier.  You are developing a relaxation technique and the more you practice the easier and quicker it will be to bring yourself into a calm and peaceful state of being.

Just as it takes patience and practice to learn to play tennis or anything new, this also improves when you practice often. I give my clients homework of practicing this simply breathing technique at least 3 times a day, more is better.

The goal is that this becomes an important part of your day to day personal care. When something comes up that requires you to have a calm, clear mind you will know exactly how to get there.

It’s important to be mindful of the hidden ramifications of stress – you may not even be aware that you’re under stress but if you relate to any of the conditions I mentioned in this article, the chances are good that it’s stress related.

For further stress-relieving techniques, hypnotherapy has been proven to be extremely effective. Call me for details!

Respect My Hormones

Hot Flashes, Night Sweats and Low Libido… oh those hormones!

22 Feb 15
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I hear so many women complaining of what I have learned to be hormone-related symptoms. It doesn’t really matter where you are; women empathize with each other over these issues every day.

The other day at a luncheon the talk turned to these same ‘women’ issue, I’ve overheard similar conversations in elevators and while waiting for my granddaughter after school.

I wonder if you have experienced any of these things, or maybe you know someone who has complained to you about them. Night sweats, hot flashes and low libido come to mind right away.

What about weight gain, sore breasts, sleepless nights, fatigue, headaches, migraines, acne, facial hair, moodiness, memory loss or foggy thinking!

The list goes on and on.

I have even found that incontinence can be caused by a hormonal imbalance!

When I was 45 years old my sister, who is 5 years older than I, was complaining of hot flashes and migraines. She related these to ‘the change’, and I realized that I needed to get some facts before I reached 50.

I had already had a long history of weight gain, sore breasts and those same migraines, so I could relate to her pain!

Through my research I found out that it is normal and even necessary for our hormones to fluctuate at different times of our lives, yet all the above symptoms are common, but are not normal.

I spent years and years trying to lose weight.

I tried every diet going, I went to Tops, Weight Watcher, I tried Fit for Life, The Zone, Atkins, Jenny Craig and I even injected myself with HcG! I exercised, I fasted, I walked and practiced yoga.

Nothing had permanent results for me.

For my headaches, my doctors had no answers. We identified that these headaches and migraines were cyclic, but there was no cure. I suffered with migraines for 25 years!

I experiences sore breast and I thought that was normal since other women in my family had complained of this same discomfort.

Eventually through my own research, I did find out how to prepare my body for pre-menopause and to my own surprise, that was the end of the migraines, sore breasts, incontinence, low libido, and I even found it easier to loose excess pounds!

I was so incredibly happy and so was my husband, who claimed, “All women should join the Four H Club: Happy Hormones, happy husbands!”

So, I am a true believer of naturally balancing hormones.

By reducing stress, letting go of unwanted emotional baggage and limiting beliefs, and nourishing our bodies with the best foods possible, you can free yourself of many of these uncomfortable symptoms that may be stopping you from living a full and happy life.

What I have also learned during these years of studying women’s health is that these annoying symptoms are your body’s way of communicating with you.

Like I mentioned earlier, many of these symptoms are common, yet they are not normal. I believe we need to stop and listen to our own body’s messages and take the time to do the things necessary to bring balance back into our lives.

These symptoms may be your own body’s warning signs. If you ignore these warning signs, what comes next?

Over the next few weeks I will be sharing some insights I have discovered about living a balanced, healthy, comfortable and full life and the undesirable alternative.

Do you experience hot flashes, night sweats and a low libido? Share your experience below and what has worked for you.