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Virtual Gastric Bypass, what exactly is it?

29 Dec 14
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Most people who are following traditional diets and programs have limited success.  In the beginning, it seems doable and they may even reach their desired weight, but is this permanent, long term weight loss?  Not usually.  The average person who is dieting will lose 5 pounds this year.  Just 5 pounds!  Not only is yoyo dieting unhealthy, it is extremely hard on our ego, self-esteem and our self-worth.

Are you so frustrated about your weight and your health that you are considering Gastric Bypass Surgery, as the last resort?    First, I would consider all the pros and cons.  Take time to do some research.  What are the risks?  What are the costs?  What are your alternative choices?

Gastric BandSurgery is always a risk and I believe one should carefully consider all the risks before making this very important decision.  Possible complications and side effects of abdominal or gastric surgeries may include infection, hernia, or hemorrhage, to name just a few.  These conditions will add to the overall cost, as well as, the quality of life after the surgery.

The cost of these surgeries vary in Canada from $16,000 to $20.000.  Plus, the wait time can be 3 to 10 years, depending on the province and facility you are going to.  You will have to check with your own insurance plan to see if you are covered.  You can get personal financing in some provinces to cover the costs.

What could possibly the alternative to dieting or Gastric Bypass Surgery??


VIRTUAL GATRIC BAND SURGERY is a hypnotic process I have been using with my clients to help them achieve the results they are looking for.  This is the only safe and permanent weight reduction program.  There is no incision, no drugs and no bad side effects!

By tricking the subconscious mind to believe that you have undergone gastric band surgery, you will immediately notice a change in the amount of food you are able to consume.  It takes a small amount of food to satisfy you, and you instantly react to the ‘full’ message and push all excess food aside.  This is a very powerful process with immediate results.

Weight issues have an emotional component, therefore it is important to release your limiting beliefs and unwanted emotions.  By letting go of past events and your emotional attachment to them we come away with a change of perspective, which in turn, will ensure your success.  This is an important step that I include in my workshops or when working one on one with my clients.