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Reiki raindrop healing massage

What is a Reiki Raindrop Massage Treatment?

15 Oct 15
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The Raindrop Treatment is more than a gentle, soothing massage.

The Raindrop technique combines essential oils with special massage techniques to add greater therapeutic benefits to a relaxation massage. Essential oils are massaged into the feet and the back.

Only therapeutic grade, undiluted essential oils are used in this treatment. Each treatment is personalized for each client, depending on their health questionnaire.

Essential oils have been used in healing practices for thousands of years.

The application of therapeutic oils can help restore our physical and emotional well-being. When pure essential oils are massaged into our skin, the largest organ of our body, within 20 minutes every cell within the body has absorbed traces of the oil.

The combination of oils used in the Raindrop technique will help balance energies and lift the spirit by reducing stress and calming a troubled or confused mind.

It is my belief that emotional health is a vital component to physical wellness. Many essential oils have been found to help release emotional burdens and hurts.

You may wonder how this is possible?

As we breathe in the fragrance of the essential oil, it moves quickly from the nose to the part of the brain where we store all our emotions and memories, the amygdala.

This is where we hold all our past unhappy memories, emotional traumas and emotional upset. The use of essential oils can help bring these unresolved or unprocessed issues to the forefront where they can be finally released.

I believe this to be a powerful, yet gentle way to let go and prepare our bodies to heal.

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I have combined these two powerful, yet gentle modalities to create a unique experience for my clients. In my opinion the Reiki Raindrop Treatment is a must for anyone seeking deep relaxation and wellness.

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